Daniel T. Paris, Attorney

Dan Paris is a real estate lawyer and eviction attorney who also specializes in business, estate planning, and landlord-tenant relationships. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he has served Northern California for more than 30 years by representing individuals, trustees, business owners, property managers, landlords, realtors, and owners of property obtained in foreclosure. He is an ongoing contributor to the CAA’s Perspectives Magazine, and he has also acted as an interim judge for Santa Clara County’s Superior Court. Mr. Paris attended Bellarmine College Prep, and thereafter earned his Bachelor of Science and Commerce degree in Finance from Santa Clara University in 1967 and his Juris Doctor degree from Lincoln Law School in 1977. Before entering private legal practice, he was a Captain in the United States Army.

In 2005, Dan Paris purchased the Eviction Service Center, a small business with an amazing eviction track record, for which he provided council as an eviction attorney for more than 20 years. He now oversees the daily operations of both companies and provides immediate consulting services for complex legal issues.

The office is family managed and operated by his two daughters, Anne-Michelle Frances and Jennifer Silvas, who are committed to providing the highest quality legal services.