Step 8: Sheriff Evicts

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If your tenant(s) have not vacated the property by the “Date of Restoration” indicated on your letter from the Sheriff, then you must call the Sheriff Department at the phone number identified on the letter to confirm the lockout. When the Sheriff arrives at the property, you must be prepared to change the door locks or have a locksmith on standby who can change the locks for you. Be sure to review our Landlord Rights and Responsibilities page for detailed information regarding valuables that were left behind, how much you can charge for storage fees, your availability on the lockout date, and more.

Did your tenants leave a rundown car at the property? Did they leave junk behind that you need to have hauled? Do you want to find your tenants and try to collect the money they owe you? Visit our Post-Eviction Cleanup page for phone numbers and websites that can help you after the eviction.

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